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Convicted Relatives or Friends

Some of my relatives or friends have a criminal record and/or were convicted of a felony. May I relate with them? What obligation do I have to disclose their personal contact information to my U.S. Probation Officer?

Early Termination

How can I apply for early termination of my supervised release imposed by the Court?


How do I request to use the passport retained by the U.S. Probation Office? May I obtain a new passport while on supervised release?

Pretransfer and Relocation

Which is the criteria for assessing courtesy transfers and relocation requests to the District of Puerto Rico?

Seeking Employment

I want to obtain employment, are there any specific limitations to the type of business and/or location I must apply for?

Supervision Outside Puerto Rico

How may I serve my supervised release in another state outside the District of Puerto Rico?

Travel Authorization

I want to travel with my family while on supervised release. How can I request a travelling authorization to the United States? What is the maximum travel time period allowed by the Court? How do I request courtesy supervision from another district?

Travel Evidence

What travelling evidence must I present to the Court and my U.S. Probation Officer?

Travel Outside the United States

How do I request authorization to travel to other countries outside the United States?