Drug Screening

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Randomized Toxicological TestsDrug Screening random tests are an important component of the substance abuse treatment program set forth as a special supervision condition. Some defendants are also required by their probation officer to participate in treatment sessions or undergo doping tests.  A pre-recorded telephone instruction service notify appointments and provide instructions to undergo a doping test at a designated location.  

Defendants enrolled in the Randomized Toxicological Tests program are assigned a PACTS identification number and a test center.  It is mandatory that these defendants call every day between 4:30 p.m. and 12:00 midnight for instructions for the next day, to any of the following telephone numbers:


If the line is busy, the defendant must hang up, and call again.  If the pre-recorded telephone system is not working when they call, the defendant must contact their Probation Officer no later than 10:00 a.m. next day for instructions.  They can click on the following link to send a message to their probation officer.

NOTE:  Recorded instructions change every day.  Occasionally, random toxicological tests could be taken in consecutive days, one after another. 

The date of the appointment, the defendant must show a photo ID and bring any prescription medication they have been taking within the last 72 hours.   

Failure to comply with these instructions, refusal to report to a random toxicological test or undergo any doping test, or use any method to circumvent the testing, are a violation of the supervision conditions, and may result in adverse action against the defendant.

Test Center Location

Test Center Address Telephone Map
U.S. Probation Office 150 Chardon St
Federal Bldg. Room 400
Hato Rey, PR  00918
787-545-8167 Map
Quest Diagnostics Fajardo Fajardo Medical Plaza
6 Celis Aguilera
Fajardo, PR  00738
when prompted,
press 9
Quest Diagnostics Barceloneta Route 2 Km. 57.2
Sector Cruce Davila
Barceloneta, PR  00617
when prompted,
press 14
Lab Clinico Plaza Centro Plaza Turabo Suite 6
233 Rafael Cordero Ave.
Caguas, PR  00725
787-258-9052 Map
Lab Clinico Plaza Oasis Route 153 Km. 6.9
(exit on expressway ramp 76
behind McDonalds)
Santa Isabel, PR  00757
787-845-1508 Map
Lab Clinico Gaudier 3 De Diego East
Mayaguez, PR  00680
787-265-3135 Map